Wash & care tips for your Batik

Batik is a delicate material that is rich in colour, produced by a variety of methods like hand-stamping, wax-resist dyeing and printing.

There are several ways to care for your Batik-wear.

  • Hand-washing is highly recommended
  • Batik fabric may bleed when in contact with water. Soak and rinse before wearing
  • Wash Batik separately or with similar colours only
  • Refrain from machine-washing the fabric and do not use harsh detergent, bleach or colour brighteners
  • Wring dry batik-wear carefully without excessive twisting. Doing so may deform the fabric
  • Hang dry inside-out under shade to maintain richness of colour
  • Do not hang dry in direct sunlight as colour fading may occur
  • Warm iron only