Easy DIY Fabric Mask (with nose wire and filter pocket!)

March 25, 2020

Easy DIY Fabric Mask (with nose wire and filter pocket!)

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Bored at home? There's plenty of things to do. For one, you can make your own mask to protect yourselves (and those around you!) when you hop out for a grocery run, or to the park for some fresh air.

This simple mask comes with a nose wire for a snug fit, and a pocket to insert your own non-woven filters. Remember to replace filter inserts and wash the mask after each use!

Up for a challenge? Try the intermediate fitted mask tutorial here.


simple face mask materials

  • 1 main fabric: 21cm x 15cm (100% cotton fabric such as that of cotton t-shirts)
  • 2 smaller pieces of fabric: 12 x 5cm
  • 2 x 25cm elastic bands or hair ties. (Flat bands are more comfortable than round ones)
  • Thin metal wire/twist ties (reuse from discarded masks!)


1. Fold long side of fabric in half, right sides together. You should get a 10.5cm x 15cm rectangle.

2. Sew 1inch length (blue dotted line) at left and right where fabric meets each other. Take note to leave gap opening in the middle.

one inch top sewing

3. Iron/Press seams open and turn fabric right side out.

iron seams open

If you're using twist ties or exposed wires, turn and press in the sharp ends to prevent poking yourself while wearing the mask.

press nose wirepress nose wire

4. Insert nose wire just above the opening and sew around it.

insert nose wire

Use clips or pins to secure nose wire then sew in place. Optional: leave a small gap to remove nose wire when washing the mask.

nose wire

5. Pinch green dotted line to each other and pin. Repeat for the yellow dotted line. 

guide to fold

Bring both green and yellow folds to meet in the middle as shown. Sew a straight line down left and right ends of mask to secure folds in place.

pin folds

6. Sew small fabric piece to seal ends of mask as shown. This will be the tube for the elastic bands.

side folds

Repeat on the other end of the mask.

7. Thread elastic bands through and tie each one in a knot.

elastic band exposedelastic band hidden

Once you've found the best fit, tuck the elastic knot into the fabric to hide it.

    simple face mask


    Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

      Disclaimer: This face mask does not protect you if you are in direct contact with persons bearing the COVID-19 virus. It should be used in unison with non-woven filters/surgical mask inserts and only if nothing else is available.
      Difficulty level: Beginner
      Time to Complete: 30 mins
      Techniques: Hand sewing, sewing machine
      Materials: Cotton fabric, thin wire, elastic bands, repurpose scrap fabric
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